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Selling Berrie

Seeking Agents Keen on Health and Well-being to Sell Berrie

Well-being, health and natural living are now of interest to everyone. Berries that grow in the north are an incredible natural resource and awareness of their health effects is growing all the time. Roberts Berrie is an easy alternative to fresh berries.
People are advised to include berries in their daily diet, which is the reason for our slogan, “Your daily berries.” Now we are offering you a growing business opportunity with Roberts Berrie. By acquiring just a few daily users, you can gain some great earnings from your sales.
We can make an open-ended agency agreement with you and then you will receive a commission on all orders placed by your customers during the contract period.
What we’re looking for:
– You are entrepreneurial and keen on health and well-being.
– You can act as a seller or supplier.
What we’re offering:
– Sales material
– Product samples
– A selling and reporting platform
– Innovative Finnish berry products
The sales process:
The sales model is simple. We generate a code for you to access our online shop. You receive a commission on orders registered with your code while the end customers always gain a bonus by using it.

A sample calculation of your commission:

Number of daily users / Commission € / month

How to begin:
– Complete the form below with your details and send it. 
– We will then send you email with a link to signing the agency agreement.
- After you sign the agreement, we will activate the code you should use as our agent.
- Finally, we will send you an information package along with samples and marketing material and you can launch your sales.

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