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Are you a company, association, individual expert or professional acting in healthcare or wellbeing? Partner with us and get a financial benefit of all purchases made at online shop with your partner code.

Partnering with us is easy; you just need to register as our partner via this page and provide your partner code to your customers and/or network to order products from our online shop. The partnership with us is free of charge and there are no requirements for you or your organisation.

1    Benefit directly on order

You can use the Berrie financial benefit directly on online shop orders and receive a discount in product price. You can share the benefit with your clients or network by providing your code for them to use.

2 Commission of sales

You can choose the Berrie Benefit to be paid to you once a month. The benefit is a provision based on all online shop orders purchased with using your code. This option works well for fundraising purposes.

Company information

Usage of Berrie Partner benefit

Partner receives a commission from the orders purchased with their partner code.

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