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Roberts Berrie ANZ is looking for micro-influencers

Dear micro-influencer,

Are you interested in wellbeing and nutrition? Are you an advocate of berries and their health benefits?

Have you ever heard about 'Roberts Berries' - an innovative whole berry product from Finland. 'Berries' are whole Nordic berries in a drinkable format. It's the most convenient way for consumers to enjoy health benefits of the Nordic super berries all year round. The nutritional value of the products is comparable to fresh berries, which makes it a great alternative to fresh berries. In addition, the product lasts 8 months at room temperature, so it truly is a wonderful option for both resellers and consumers. The best thing is 'Berries' taste amazingly delicious; the whole family will love it.

Roberts Berries ANZ is now looking for micro-influencers who would act as our brand ambassadors sharing the word about our beautiful products and the health benefits of the Nordic super berries. If the below sounds like you, please apply now, the spots are limited:

  • You are interested in health, wellbeing, nutrition, or similar topics
  • You are interested to find out more about Nordic berries, or perhaps already passionate about health benefits of the berries in general.
  • You have your own social media accounts (eg facebook, instagram) and you like posting content to your friends and followers
We are looking for people who are genuinely interested and passionate about our products, in exchange of your support you'll receive free product samples from us.

If you are interested, send us an email at where you tell more about yourself and why you would be an excellent brand ambassador for 'Berries'. Please use an email title 'Roberts Berrie ANZ micro-influencer'.