Everyday well-being and informed consumption are two of the bigger food phenomena in the everyday lives of Finns

Yle.fi 27.11.2018
Markku Sandell
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Food Trends 2019, Kesko
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Foods geared toward promoting well-being and the desire to know where food comes from are becoming increasingly evident in today's food choices. According to the review, 55% of the respondents said that informed consumption plays a role. This trend is on the rise compared to the survey results from 2017. Finns are also interested in making sophisticated food choices that emphasise individuality. Consumers enjoy pro tips on food preparation and stories on the origin of products. Little luxuries are the order of the day when it comes to cooking. There is also a desire to learn new ways to prepare food and become a better cook, not to mention specialities in food presentation. Tourism has made ethnic foods from the world over familiar to many and culinary adventures will continue into next year, when the world of flavours finds its way onto Finnish plates.

New top 10 ingredients list

Consumers were asked what products, raw ingredients and food-related services they might be using more of in the next year. Freshly cleaned fish and berries rose to the top of an extensive list.

 In 2019, more microbrewery beers, raw sausages and sugar-free custards will also be found in the average shopping basket.  Compared to the Food Trends 2017 review, potatoes, Finnish superfoods and oat milk foods were at the top of the list. Neither the avocado (fifth on the previous list) nor pulled oats (fourth) made the top 10 this time. 
Fresh herbs took third place on the top 10 list, followed by wild mushrooms and potatoes in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Finns believe they will be using the following ingredients more in 2019 - Top 5 

  1. Cleaned and filleted fish from the fish counter.

  2. Fresh and frozen berries

  3. Fresh herbs (new on the list)

  4. Wild mushrooms (new on the list)

Potatoes (new on the list)