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You should prefer berry sugars because the fibre they contain effectively counteracts the effects of sugar. A study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland suggests the capacity of berries to stabilise blood sugar fluctuations sugar comes from the polyphenols they contain. Polyphenols are health-enhancing compounds found in berries. They are the pigments that protect the plants from UV radiation and combat pests and plant diseases. Indeed, berries differ from other fruits and vegetables mostly because of their high polyphenol content. You can see this by their red or blue colour.

In recent years, several studies have investigated the effect of berries on post-meal glucose metabolism. Anthocyanin-rich black-coloured berries like blackcurrants and bilberries have provided the most promising evidence. By comparison with similar products containing the same amount of sugar, dark-coloured berries seem to curb blood sugar spikes. The same effect has been demonstrated by the presence of anthocyanin extracts isolated from blackcurrants. Polyphenols may slow the absorption of glucose by affecting the activity of enzymes-digesting carbohydrates and glucose transport proteins. Studies have also suggested polyphenols reduce the effects of oxidative stress and inflammation.

By eating berries flesh, skin and seed, you give your body their whole goodness safely. Fruits and berries contain sugar in its natural form. The fibres they contain help you feel fuller as well, so you don’t accumulate excess energy as easily. These natural delicacies have very few calories. Using plenty of berries has proven health benefits because berries contain the perfect balance of health-enhancing ingredients: polyphenol compounds, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements.

Berries are also great sources of fibre. By comparison with fruits, berries have less starch; so, they contain less energy.

Nutritionists recommend you should eat at least 500 g of fruits, vegetables and berries every day. At least 200 g of this should consist of berries. There is no upper intake level, so you can eat all you want.

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