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Mrs. Xiaonuo Chen
Clinical Nutritionist
Family Health Manager

" I was born in 70 years. I'm coming to be 50-years-old. "
Chen Xiaonuo smiled and introduced herself.

People who meet Chen have an impression that for her the age is just a number.

Keeping healthy and looking beautiful for a 50-years-old lady is not easy.

Chen admits that she didn't find the secret at the beginning.

"The reason I became a nutritionist two years ago is just for my own health."

From 2003 to 2012, Chen was working in Beijing as a real estate manager with rather high payment. However, in 2012, she resolutely gave up her one-million annual salary job and came to Shenzhen because she started to have serious problems in her health: constipation, insomnia, uterine fibroids, stomach, bad appetite.

Chen said that because she had been working under high pressure for a long time, she became sub-healthy. The doctor had no solution for her. Then she realized that she should pay more attention to her body. "When came back to Shenzhen, I tried to find my solution from Traditional Chinese Medicine. After drinking herb medicine for some time, my stomach suffered a lot while my health condition was no improved. Finally I decided to study more knowledge and be a nutritionist by myself! ”
Chen studied in Peking University of China, Shenzhen campus for one year and transforming from a real estate manager to health experts.
It was this successful transformation that led Chen to enjoy the benefits of health management.

"Women should respect and take care of her body, especially when our environment is deteriorating year by year. “ Chen said helplessly.
Chen has her own opinion, " From a professional perspective, first of all, food is the best resource of nutrition for human . According to Japanese nutrition standard, a person needs to consume more than 30 different kinds of food per day.It is not an easy thing in our life with fast rhythm, so we need to add supplement. However I still recommend food as a supplement to human health, and your body will tell you whether what you take is healthy food or not in a few years. "During the past 18 months, I drank 1,080 cups of wild bilberries." Ever since Chen became a clinical nutritionist, not only herself, but also the health of her family has been changing stealthily. From eating habits to living habits, her whole family is enjoying Chen’s all-round health management. As a faithful fan and beneficiary of Roberts, Chen also shared her romance with Roberts.

"I started drinking Roberts bilberries from December 2016. Now, all my lodging disease, such as insomnia, constipation and macular degeneration has been improved. I emphasize diet, because it conforms to this principle, and the origin of food determines whether you eat healthily or not.

Finland is ranked No. 1 in the World with best air quality by Unite Nation. 139 hand-picked wild bilberries from Finland forest, what does that mean? It means that each drink you take, you are absorbing the energy of nature. Forest is a magical place, it’s like a natural magnetic field, calming, refreshing and relaxing.
I just came back from New Zealand, it was a more than 20 days’ driving tour with my parents, it should be a very tiring journey, and however, I felt very well during the whole journey and haven’t slept better. This is something I didn't expect before because I’m a picky sleeper. So this wild bilberry is of great importance to me, not to mention its antioxidantivity, and the amount of anthocyanin in cultivated blueberries is no match for wild bilberries at all.

Chen would like to tell all the women who want to live a healthy life like her, "Age is not the enemy of women, it should be regarded as a gift of life."